7drl 2016

Aim - Shoot - Repeat

Aim - Shoot - Repeat


This was an atempt to code a game from scratch in C/C++ using SDL2 for input and window handling. The C++ part was a disaster, I was hoping that the hype around C++11/C++14 had som merit, but in my opinion, the language is simply horrible.

I used this chalange to explore some basic game mechanics that I want to, if proofed valid, integrate in a bigger project.


Linux 64 - SDL2: Download

Windows 64: Download

Day 7


I hade mearly 2 hours on my final day so I hacked together a simple title screen and instructions. Then I played a little bit with monsters' stats.

Day 4 - 6


As I was unable to find time and motivation to implement all features, I focused on geting the basics done: the mechanics of targeting and shooting. The enemies are dumb, but can chase you beyond simple obstacles, and that is sufficient.

After I converted a simple (and buggy) FOV/Ligting from my other project and adjusted the colors, the result was quite pleasant.

Day 3

Work day today, but I added one important feature, exlosions. And these can destroy walls ...

Day 2

Slow progress, I hoped to push for more. But targeting is implemented. Debugging in linux is a drag. I use Sublime as editor and qtcreaor for debuging, but the workflow is shitty. I am missing the speed and ease of Java/Kotlin ...

Stuff done today:

Day 1


Nothing fancy, but majority of the basic stuff is in. Input, map rendering, entities and collisions.

And it looks like shit.

Stuff done today:

Day 0

I have some vague idea what I want to achieve. A tactical game, with no randomness in hit chances and damage. The player has a full deterministic result at each turn. The game map will be generated randomly, but after that, no surprises.

Ammo will be sparse and enemies powerful. Close combat will be non existent or veary deadly (to the player). The player will have to use the environment to his advantage. He will have to manoeuvre his opponent so that he can utilize explosive barrels, plant explosives and other DeadlyStuff&trade.

If I have time and vigor, I would like to make the terrain into 3D so destructions would take place in all dimensions.

Language: C/C++ Library: SDL2

Stuff done today: